Foods and Drinks to Avoid to Maintain White Teeth

woman smiles showing white teeth and pearly necklace

Stains and discolorations on your teeth are unattractive. They occur slowly, and you may not even notice them until a picture or a reflection suddenly reveals the truth, your teeth are gray, yellow or brown. Teeth can become stained for many reasons, but one of the most common is food.

Coffee, Tea and Cola
These are favorite drinks that wake us up in the morning and keep us going in the afternoon, but their dark colors may leave more than an energized sensation in their wake. If your teeth look more yellow than white, you may have your favorite drinks to blame.

Berries are a favorite summertime treat. Cool and refreshing, they can be enjoyed with cream, in a smoothie or on their own. Although a healthy snack packed full of gum-strengthening nutrients, berries are also common culprits when it comes to staining your teeth.

Curry and Soy Sauce
Ethnic foods can put an extra kick at mealtimes, but the spices can deposit unwelcome stains on your teeth. One common rule is that if the sauce or spice can stain your shirt, it will also be able to stain your teeth. If the sauce or food is hot, it will be even more likely to stain because it will open the pores of your teeth and deposit color deep inside the tooth where it will be harder to eliminate.

Red Wine
Doctors have said for years that red wine is good for the heart however, it isn’t a good look for your teeth. Flash a smile after sipping on red wine and you will see the results.

You do not have to swear off your favorite foods and drinks to keep your teeth whiter. Rinse with water after indulging and practice good dental hygiene that includes visiting our dentist every six months for professional cleanings.

If your teeth seem to be stained, talk to us about whitening treatments. Give our office a call at 203-255-5999. We look forward to speaking with you.


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