Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF)


Did you know about the most promising new dental technology that comes from inside your own body?

Plasma Rich Growth Factors (PRGF), are natural substances found in your blood plasma. They contain a high concentration of platelet cells which accelerate your body’s normal healing process by increasing the amount of proteins and nutrients needed to repair cells.

PRGF is safe to use since it is harvested from your own blood. New PRGF distillation techniques take just 15 minutes and require only 40 cc of blood.

In the majority of oral surgery cases, application of PRGF will make you heal faster with less swelling and pain

PRGF has been shown to be effective in procedures like bone grafting, dental implants, augmentation of the nasal ridge and repair of a cleft lip, to name a few.

This new technique is especially important for older dental patients with significant bone loss in the jaw. In the past, these patients may have been told they are not candidates for oral surgery or dental implants. Using PRGF, oral surgery may now be possible.

The PRGF alone cannot be used to stimulate bone formation – it must be mixed either with organic or synthetic bone to do so.

Advanced Family Dental Center is one of the few New York dentists to offer patients PRGF. For a free consultation, please call (646) 362-5421.

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